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Our Data Driven Approach
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A premium performance pipeline

Minimize human bias and maximize long-term success.

01 Specialized Targeting

We use a targeted approach to efficiently gather potential hires just for you.

02 Functional Qualification

We use proprietary in-house qualifying pipeline to save you time and maximize hire fit.

03 Final interview

We set up interviews for you, equipped with client analytics to extract the most informative value from our choice candidates.

Our Unique Value Add

Our true differentiator is our data driven approach, serving you with the best fit.

At Salter Recruiting we respect your valuable time and only send the most qualified and competent candidates. Utilizing our proprietary in-house testing and curated data store, we know exactly what employee traits tend to perform best in your open position. These metrics allow us to filter through the sea of potential candidates and serve you with only the top tier talent.

In contrast, other recruiting firms set a wide net and feed you anything they catch. They waste your time by leaving you with the full burden of qualifying candidates. Our core business is to help you circumvent frivolous interviewing, find the very best talent, and focus on your business, not interviewing.

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We work with you, not for ourselves

With Integrity as our guiding principal, we do the best for our clients and they pay it forward.

Key Industries

Our Specialty Sectors.

We are currently focused on optimizing our system in the Supply Chain & Logistics, Finance & Accounting, Legal, and Sales industries.

If your target talent is outside of our focus, accomodations can be made - let's talk.

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Supply Chain & Logistics

With extensive experience in supply chain and logistics recruitment, we know what nuances to look for when qualifying your talent.


Sales is our true core because we have personal experience with the game of sales. We intimately know the traits that make a person excel in sales and aim to funnel only the best talent to you.

Accounting & Finance

Specializing in tax accounting recruitment, our team has demonstrated exceptional expertise in the Accounting & Finance sector. Partner with industry-leading recruiters and elevate your hiring journey.


We have a knack for legal placement and our greatly satisfied customers can attest.

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